Fasting and Prayer: The Key to Spiritual Power


Fasting and prayer is the greatest privilege endowed upon us unto the journey we are on with God.

Fasting and prayer destroys the flesh and allows your spirit man to overcome the flesh.

And once you live by the spirit you are on the path to life.

Fasting and praying is sowing into the spirit and edifying your inner man. The man inside your body, the thing that makes you are a human being.

It awakens inside you the power that allows you to live by faith.

Jesus himself fasting for 40 days immediately after he was baptised in the Holy Ghost.

There is a power in fasting!

The disciples tried to cast out a demon out of a boy who was suffering from seizures and they couldn’t do it, so they asked Jesus “Why couldn’t we cast out this demon?”, and Jesus said in Mark 10:29;

And he said unto them, this kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting. 

There is huge power in fasting and prayer, give it a try.


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