Generating Mind Power With Attention


Attention is the key to learning anything with supreme speed and efficiency.

It allows your mind to hone in, focus on and absorb all information happening in front of you.

Attention gives the mind a break from external influences and allows it just to focus on what’s happening right now.

The Bible is very clear on why attention is important.

Without attention, you are setting yourself up for failure…

And it’s sad because our generation is so bound by technology and smart devices that it’s caused our attention to dwindle into nothingness.

People are so unfocused, so distorted and so disturbed that they can’t even communicate with each other for 1 minute without getting edgy.

Ephesians 5:15 says;

Pay careful attention, then, to how you walk, not as unwise but as wise.

You see here, Paul is talking about our lives and how we should live it.

That we should live as wise and not unwise.

That we should know all wisdom and instruction that we may be successful and prosperous in anything we do.

And that includes the natural and the spiritual.

We must be wise in knowing that the Devil exists and God exists and we are more than just natural beings.

We must also be wise in dealings in life, in how to communicate with people, how to treat people, how to engage in spiritual warfare and all that.

That we must live a holy life, acceptable unto God that we may not perish.

The Prophet Isaiah also said in Isaiah 28:23;

Listen and hear my voice; pay attention and hear what I say (NIV)

He was speaking to the kings of Judah, and telling them the vision that God gave him about them.

They were living wicked lives and they needed to change.

So he said, PAY ATTENTION and hear what I say, otherwise you will perish.

So we can see here, we must learn to use our attention in developing the senses, knowledge and wisdom of God’s reality to live a pure, holy and acceptable life unto God.

And once we do that, our life will manifest the wonderful power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Watch the video below to get a greater explaination in visual form.


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