Working Momentum

Working momentum shows you how to identify pain and transform it into purpose.

It teaches you how to become aware of the subtle energies that govern your existence and influence your life.

It breaks down false belief systems and gives you a step-by-step process on how to develop unshakable confidence.


What You Will Learn

The Way The Mind Works

Understanding the emotional loops that the mind develops to prevent you from progress and growth.

How To Overcome False Belief Systems

Understanding the false belief systems that are perpetuated throughout society that hold you back, and how to instil true belief systems into your being that push you forward.

The Hidden Physical And Spiritual Unseen Understandings Of The World

This book will teach you how to become aware of the unseen principles that govern your existence and how you can use it to improve your life


  1. Introduction
  2. Habits of the Mind
  3. The Domino Effect
  4. Beyond Happiness, There is Nothing
  5. How to Stay on The Path: Motivation vs. Determination
  6. Thoughts Are Things
  7. The States of the Mind: Consuming vs. Creating
  8. The Power is in the Words: Encouragement vs. Discouragement
  9. Man On A Mission
  10. The World Is a Mirror: The Treatment Of Others
  11. Everything is Connected


Pages of Pure Goodness

Quotes and Verses


Step-by-Step Explainations

Is This Book For You?

Sick of being confused and not knowing why things go wrong?

Feeling down all the time and not knowing why?


Being overwhelmed by feelings of unease, anxiety and negativity?

Stop living in a perptual state of fear and start living in faith.


Being grounded in knowing who you are to take authority over your life.

Realise the desires of your heart and get the courage to take action.

Momentum Is Just One Step Away, Take Action Now To Realise Your Greatest Destiny.

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